How Do You Eat a Lobster?


To eat a whole, cooked lobster, enjoy the meat as is or with melted butter as you crack open each section. Start by twisting off the legs, followed by the claws and the tail, then break the body in half. You need a lobster cracker and a lobster fork.

  1. Twist off the legs

    Twist off the tiny legs of the lobster, which should pop off easily. Break the legs at the main joint to expose the leg meat. Bite down on one end of each leg to squeeze the meat out.

  2. Break open the claws

    Twist off the claws with a firm twisting motion. Tear off the smaller, looser part of the claw, and check for meat. Use the lobster cracker to crack open the top of the remaining claw, and use your finger or the lobster fork to push the meat out.

  3. Break the tail off

    Grasp the tail with one hand and the body with the other. Break off the tail end with a twisting motion. Remove the flippers from the tail, and check for meat. Use your fingers or the lobster fork to push the tail meat out. Peel of the top layer of the tail before eating.

  4. Crack open the body

    Break the body in half lengthwise with your hands. Scrape out the green tomalley. Use the lobster fork to find small chunks of meat in the body section.