How Do You Eat a Honey Pomelo?

eat-honey-pomelo Credit: Ng Hock How/Moment/Getty Images

The best way to eat a honey pomelo is to cut the fruit into edible sections, much like a grapefruit. Many people enjoy eating the fruit in its natural state. Sections are peeled off and eaten individually. Fresh pomelo fruit can also be added to salads and other recipes. Candied pomelo peel is a favorite treat.

The honey pomelo originates in Asia, and is closely related to the grapefruit in appearance and flavor. It may be round or pear-like in shape. Pomelo fruit comes in a variety of colors and flavors, from tangy to sweet. In order to get at the fruit inside, the pomelo must be cut open with a sharp knife.

A nice way to peel a honey pomelo is to start at the very top and cut away the peel at an angle. The tip of the knife should face upwards. One should continue cutting until the entire peel is removed. A foamy white pith covers the fruit and must be removed as well. After cutting away the pith, the fruit is ready to eat.

The segmented fruit is often eaten as a refreshing fruit snack. It has a sweetly mild flavor that makes it a tasty addition to fruit or green leaf salads.