How Do You Eat Crab Legs?

How Do You Eat Crab Legs?

Eat crab legs by separating the legs from the body, cracking or cutting the legs open and pulling out the meat. This process takes only a few minutes. You need crab legs, a lobster cracker or scissors, a knife and a small fork.

  1. Separate the legs from the body

    Break the crab into pieces using your hands. For hard-shelled varieties, use a knife.

  2. Break off the legs

    Break off each individual crab leg. Twist the leg, and pop it off at the upper joint. If the leg does not come off, use a lobster or nut cracker.

  3. Crack open the leg

    Crack open the leg by using either a lobster cracker or a pair of scissors. While a lobster cracker may be necessary for large crabs or hard shells, most crab legs can be cracked open by cutting down the length of them with a pair of kitchen scissors.

  4. Remove the meat

    Pull out the piece of leg meat. If you used a pair of scissors to split the shell, the meat should come out in a single piece. Cracking the shell can break the meat up into smaller pieces. Use a small fork to remove any small remaining pieces.