What Are Some Easy Ways to Cook Chuck Steak?


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Slow cooking a chuck steak requires little effort and is the easiest method of preparation. Place the steak in a crock pot, and cover with a braising liquid that may include beef broth or red wine. Depending on the size, leave the steak to cook until the meat begins to fall apart.

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For those without a crock pot, the oven is a great, simple substitute for preparing a chuck steak. Place the steak in a plastic bag, and place the bag onto a baking dish. Prepare a braising liquid, and place the oven to a lower heat. To retain even more moisture, cover the baking pan with aluminum foil. After baking for a few hours, begin flipping the steak every half an hour. Continually braise the steak as needed during this period.

Although grilling chuck steak is easy, this method requires more planning and preparation. Approximately six hours before grilling, create a marinade to tenderize the meat. The steak cooks most evenly if you allow the steak to return to room temperature. Warm the grill, and cook for at least fifteen minutes.

Cooking a chuck steak using a stove is still straightforward. Using a non-stick skillet that has been heated, cook the steak on each side for five minutes, using tongs to flip the steak. Do not pierce the steak, as this releases the juices and leaves the steak less moist and tender. This method sears and caramelizes the steak, being ideal for those ordering medium-rare.

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