What Are Some Easy Ways to Butcher Cuts of Beef?


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To begin butchering the beef, quarter the carcass, cutting between the 12th and 13th rib with a large pointed knife. The cross-section should look like rib-eye steak. Continue by cutting the meat at the hind ends of the carcass, and cut off each of the legs using a meat saw. Begin at the hip, and move to the tailbone, cutting over the top to create round steaks.

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The rump roast is the largest part of the meat, and you can either cut it off or leave the bone in for larger removal. The muscle on the side of the belly is the flank steaks, and you can remove those with any amount of fat desired. Trim away the larger sections of fat, and set it aside for rendering later. For the sirloin flat meat, remove the fat, and cut into any desired size.

Cut the fillet mignon away from the tenderloin, and decide on whether you want to trim the meat off the ribs or cut the ribs entirely to create rib steaks. Then cut the sirloin, New York strip and T-bone steaks from the rear moving forward. The meat left on this section of the carcass is used for stew meat or ground beef. Move on to the shoulder to remove the blade roast.

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