What Is an Easy Way to Cook 30 Pounds of Ground Beef for Chili?


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A convenient way to cook a large amount of ground beef for chili is to boil the meat on a stove top. You will need a large stock pot, filled with water to cook the meat.

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To prepare the ground beef for chili, fill a large stock pot with water and place it on the stove. Do not turn on the heating element. Take handfuls of ground beef and break it up with your hands as you place it in the pot. Place your hand into the water and continue to break up the meat to ensure that the pieces are thoroughly broken up. Make sure that the pot is not receiving any heat from the stove before you place your hands in the water.

After you break up the beef sufficiently, turn on the heating element and let the water boil until the beef turns brown. Stir the beef once or twice during the boiling process. When the ground beef is properly cooked and brown, use a large slotted spoon to remove the beef from the water, or drain the entire pot using a colander. The boiled, drained beef will have the proper granulated texture that is used to make chili.

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