What Is an Easy Way to Can Sauerkraut?


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Canning sauerkraut involves shredding the cabbage and pickling it in jars with brine. The process takes roughly 30 minutes, but sauerkraut isn't ready to eat for at least three days.

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What Is an Easy Way to Can Sauerkraut?
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To can sauerkraut, start by preparing the cabbage. Remove the outer leaves of 5 pounds green cabbage, and rinse under cool water. Quarter the cabbages, and remove their cores. Slice the cabbage thinly using either a mandoline or a sharp knife.

Put some of the cabbage into a large mixing bowl. Sprinkle 1 tablespoon of canning, pickling or kosher salt. The salt must be noniodized. Knead the salt into the cabbage until it starts to release a little liquid and feels soft. Don't drain the juice, as this is the brine. Keep massaging until the volume of the cabbage is reduced by half.

Pack the cabbage into glass canning jars or a sealable ceramic container. Pour the brine over the sliced cabbage. Repeat the kneading process with the remaining cabbage. Pack the jars or containers tightly so there are no air bubbles. Let the uncovered jars stand for two hours.

Make sure the cabbage is completely submerged in brine, adding more brine if necessary. Seal the jars, and place in a warm spot out of direct sunlight. Remove the lid daily to release gases until the sauerkraut releases bubbles, meaning it's fermented and ready for refrigeration.

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