What Is an Easy Sopapilla Recipe?


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One easy sopapilla recipe is that provided by Food Network personality, Ingrid Hoffman. The cook first prepares the dough, making sure to chill it before cutting. The dough is then split in half and the individual sopapillas then formed before cooking. Hoffman recommends peanut oil for the final frying.

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What Is an Easy Sopapilla Recipe?
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Hoffman's list of ingredients includes two cups all purpose flour; two teaspoons baking powder; one tablespoon sugar; one teaspoon salt; two tablespoons vegetable shortening; 3/4 cup warm water and the oil. The cook first combines the dry ingredients into a bowl, followed by adding the water and shortening. While working the dough, the cook feels for dryness, adding additional water one teaspoon at a time if necessary. The dough is refrigerated for at least an hour before the cook cuts and rolls two circles. A pizza cutter is then used to cut out the triangle-shaped sopapillas.

Two inches of oil is added to a heavy skillet and the temperature raised to roughly 375 degrees Fahrenheit. The cook should fry only a few triangles at a time, for about two minutes per side, ensuring that the oil temperature does not get too high. A spoon, skimmer or set of chopsticks can be used to turn them over in the pan. The cook then removes the sopapillas, setting them either on paper towels or brown bags to absorb excess grease. Sopapillas are finished with such condiments as sugar, honey and cinnamon.

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