What Are Some Easy Slow Cooker Recipes for Beef Stew?


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Easy slow cooker recipes for beef stew include a slow cooker beef stew from Panera Bread, and a similar recipe from Food Network. These recipes involve combining beef chuck with a variety of seasonings like paprika and caraway seeds, along with potatoes, flour and wine in the slow cooker. The beef, potatoes and vegetables are usually prepared separately from the gravy, and the gravy is then added with the meat and potatoes to the slow cooker for approximately 8 hours.

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What Are Some Easy Slow Cooker Recipes for Beef Stew?
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Slow cooker beef stew recipes often involve garnishes like sour cream and sprinkles of paprika. Bottom round is a substitute for beef chuck in some recipes.

Stew recipes take a while to cook in a slow cooker because the meat must become tender to the point where it is easy to shred. This usually requires cooking the meat for 7 1/2 hours on low heat. It can also cook on high for 4 to 5 hours.

Beef broth is a central component of beef stew, and flour is commonly used in recipes to thicken the stew and make it distinct from a soup. The most common variants in recipes are the vegetables and seasonings or spices used. Some recipes use red wine, but others forgo the liquid in favor of the flavor of Worcestershire sauce and beef broth alone.

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