What Is an Easy Slow Cooker Recipe for Pork Stew?


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One easy slow cooker recipe for pork stew uses 1 1/2 pounds of boneless pork roast, vegetables and seasonings. The final dish is cooked for at least eight hours on low, or for four hours on high.

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What Is an Easy Slow Cooker Recipe for Pork Stew?
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Place the pork roast in the slow cooker along with vegetables cut into bite-sized pieces. Fingerling or red potatoes, carrots, onion and celery are good choices, but others can be added, such as butternut squash or crushed tomatoes. Mix together desired seasonings, such as salt, minced garlic, pepper and thyme, and add the mixture to the cooker.

Alternatively, use broth, bouillon or mushroom soup mix as seasoning. Add water to the dish, cover it, and cook until the pork is cooked thoroughly. Near the end of cooking, create a slurry of flour and water, then mix this into the cooker to thicken the liquid into a gravy. At the same time, shred the pork into smaller pieces if a whole roast was used.

An additional, optional step is to brown the meat before cooking to lock in flavor and juices. Heat oil in a skillet and briefly sear the meat on all sides with salt and pepper to taste. Once all sides are browned, add the meat to the cooker and continue with the recipe.

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