What Are Some Easy Salads to Make for a Crowd?


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Some easy salad recipes that are easy to scale up for a crowd include broccoli, pasta and chef's salad. These recipes can be easily personalized and prepped ahead of time.

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For broccoli salad, use 5 cups of blanched broccoli florets as the base. Make a dressing with mayonnaise and cider vinegar, then mix it with chopped onion and cooked bacon. Toss the broccoli with this dressing to coat. For extra crunch, sprinkle in sunflower seeds. A few raisins bring a sweet note to the dish that helps break up the savory flavor.

Pasta salad uses small types of pasta, such as macaroni or corkscrew, which are bite-sized. Cook 1/2 pound of dry pasta per four servings to act as the base for the salad. Mix with chopped hard-boiled eggs, onion and roasted red bell peppers. For the dressing, use mayonnaise, paprika, vinegar, salt and black pepper. Mix the dressing and toss in the dry ingredients to coat. Chopped celery or carrot can also be added.

A chef's salad requires a base of leafy green vegetables, such as iceberg or Romaine lettuce, and uses chopped hard-boiled eggs, vegetables, meats and cheeses. Bacon bits, croutons or sunflower seeds can be used as garnish. Either mix everything together before or serve buffet style with each ingredient in a separate container.

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