What Are Some Easy Recipes That Use Condensed Milk?

What Are Some Easy Recipes That Use Condensed Milk?

Easy recipes that use condensed milk include various tarts and pies, tarts, sweet breads, puddings and squares. It is also a good ingredient for making fast and easy iced coffees and other sweet drinks.

Sweetened condensed milk is a kind of thickened milk. Producers make it by removing water from the milk and adding sugar to the remaining liquid. Cooks can also make their own condensed milk at home. It has the consistency of syrup, so bakers can use it to simultaneously sweeten and add liquid to baked goods.

One of the most common recipes that uses condensed milk is key lime pie. It also works well in a variety of pastry recipes, such as pumpkin pie, carrot pie, chocolate pie, strawberry cream tarts, custard tarts, butterscotch tarts and fruit tarts.

The density of sweetened condensed milk makes it an ideal ingredient for fudges, bars and brownies. Recipe ideas include streusel bars, rich cookie bars, coconut bars, pie bars and fruit bars.

The thickness of condensed milk also makes it a fast and easy way to create thick, rich puddings. Dulce de leche, kheer pudding and classic bread pudding are all options.

Sweetened condensed milk can help create a quick and easy iced coffee drink. Cooks can also freeze the mixture to create iced coffee Popsicles.