What Are Some Easy Recipes for Low-Salt Snacks?


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Homemade chips, such as microwave potato chips, baked tortilla chips and pita bread chips are easy, low-sodium snacks. Snacks focusing on vegetables and fruits are also low-salt and easy to make, such as kale chips and honey-glazed carrots.

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Chips made at home allow the maker to carefully control how much salt is added, and the absence of frying helps make the snacks even more healthy. Thin slices of potato tossed in olive oil and placed in the microwave for four to seven minutes and flipped halfway through get crispy like traditional chips. Flour or corn tortillas can be cut into triangles and baked in a single layer in the oven until crisp, as can pita bread.

Kale cut into chip-sized pieces and tossed in olive oil can also be baked to resemble chips. This also has fewer calories than using breads or potatoes to make chips. Honey-glazed carrots require very little salt in the recipe, and they can satisfy a sweet tooth while adding vegetables to a diet. Honey, butter and lemon juice result in sweet, soft carrots that can be used as a side or snack. Other sweet snacks, such as brownies and cookies, tend to use little salt and result in a low-sodium snack.

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