What Are Some Easy Recipes That Include White Rice?


Some easy recipes using white rice are fried rice, stuffed peppers and rice pilaf. These recipes have fewer than 15 minutes of prep time and require few ingredients that are easy to substitute.

Fried rice requires day-old refrigerated rice in order to get the proper fried look, taste and texture. Heat olive oil or butter in a skillet, and saute chopped or small vegetables. Onions, bell peppers, carrots and peas are good options. Once the vegetables start to soften, put them to the side and scramble eggs. When the eggs are finished, add in soy sauce and any other seasonings, then slowly add in the rice and cook until hot and mixed well.

For stuffed peppers, create a mixture of cooked rice, ground meat, chopped vegetables and seasonings to taste, such as salt, pepper and garlic. Cut the tops off of some bell peppers, and clean out the seeds, then fill with the mixture. Bake until the meat is cooked to the required internal temperature, such as 165 for beef.

To make a rice pilaf, saute chopped onions in butter until they are translucent, then stir in uncooked rice to brown. Add in chicken broth, simmer for five minutes, then bake in an oven-safe dish until all of the broth is absorbed and the rice is done.