What Are Some Easy Recipes for Drying Fruit in a Food Dehydrator?


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Easy recipes for drying fruit in a food dehydrator include sliced strawberries and peaches. Easy-Fruit-Dehydrating.com offers simple recipes for dehydrating different kinds of fruit. Most fruits dehydrated at temperatures of 125 to 135 degrees Fahrenheit for a duration of about six to 15 hours.

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To dehydrate strawberries, wash a fresh batch of them, and remove the tops. Cut the strawberries in 1/4-inch slices or in halves. Place the slices onto the dehydrator tray; for strawberries that are sliced in half, face the cut side upwards to prevent drippings. Set the temperature to 125 degrees Fahrenheit, or refer to the instruction manual for alternative instructions. Rotate the tray throughout the drying process. The strawberries take an average time of six to 15 hours to fully dehydrate.

For dehydrated peaches, wash the exterior, remove the pit, and either peel the skin or leave it on according to preferences. Cut the fruit in 1/4-inch slices, or slice them in half, then toss the slices in a bowl, and liberally spray them with lemon juice. For peaches that are sliced in half, place the cut ends upwards, and set the temperature to 125 degrees Fahrenheit, or follow the instructions in the owner's manual. Like strawberries, peaches take anywhere from six to 16 hours to fully dehydrate and require tray rotations for even dehydration. To determine whether or not the fruit is finished drying, see if the texture is leathery or pliable.

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