What Is an Easy Recipe for Whipped Cream?


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To make two cups of easy-to-make whipped cream, whisk 1 tablespoon of sugar and 1 cup of cold heavy cream in a large bowl until soft peaks form. To get the best results, always use chilled heavy cream and cold equipment when whipping cream.

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Ultra-pasteurized cream yields a white color whereas organic milk yields a non-white color and a less smooth texture. Make sure you don't add too much sugar as the whole batch of whipped cream will be over-sweetened. As a rule of thumb, use one tablespoon of sugar per cup of heavy cream for moderately sweet whipped cream. If you prefer the cream sweeter, add two tablespoons of sugar for every cup of heavy cream. If you use granulated sugar, add the sugar before you start beating so it will dissolve properly. If you use confectioner's sugar, beat the cream until soft peaks form and then add the sugar, or the cream won't look fluffy.

Be careful when beating the cream as over-beating causes it to turn buttery rather than whipped. If you're using an electric mixer, only use the middle setting to prevent over-beating from occurring. Alternatively, use a large hand-held whisk, as it is easy to use and allows you greater control over the whisking speed and intensity.

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