What Is an Easy Punch Recipe Using Sprite?

easy-punch-recipe-using-sprite Credit: DreamPictures/VStock/Blend Images/Getty Images

To make an easy punch using Sprite, combine together three packages of unsweetened Kool-Aid, half a can of pineapple juice, one can of frozen lemonade and water into a gallon container. Then add sugar to taste. Just before serving, add in scoops of sherbet and 2 liters of Sprite. Depending on what flavor and color the creator would like, the type of sherbet and Kool-Aid used can be varied.

Another simple punch recipe with Sprite can be made by combining two 46-ounce cans of Hawaiian Punch, 1 cup of sugar, one can of thawed orange juice concentrate, three orange juice cans of water and 2 liters of Sprite into a punch bowl. When ready to serve, add scoops from half a gallon of rainbow sherbet to float on top. If desired, this punch can be made alcoholic by adding gin or vodka.

Punch originates from the 17th century. The name punch comes from the Sanskrit word "pañc," meaning five. Men working on ships for the British East India Company created an alcoholic punch as an alternative to beer. The drink originally had five ingredients: tea, alcohol, sugar, lemon and water. The sailors brought the drink back to England and it became a popular party beverage, spreading as far as the American colonies.