What Are Some Easy Noodle Recipes for a Family of Four?


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Easy noodle recipes that make a delicious meal for a family of four include tuna noodle casserole, creamy chicken noodles, chop suey pasta and Tex-Mex ziti dinner. The various types of noodles included in these recipes are egg noodles, pasta shells, elbow macaroni and tubular noodles known as ziti.

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What Are Some Easy Noodle Recipes for a Family of Four?
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To make a classic tuna noodle casserole that serves four people, cook 4 ounces of egg noodles according to package directions, adding peas to the noodles during the last stage of cooking. In a bowl, combine chunk light tuna with cream of mushroom soup and other ingredients. Bake for 15 minutes, sprinkle cracker crumbs on top and continue baking until done. Make a creamy chicken-and-noodles meal by combining one can of cream of chicken and mushroom soup, 2 cups cooked chicken with grated Parmesan cheese and milk. This dish is cooked in a 4-quart pan and serves four.

Homemade chop suey is a tasty dish that blends together the textures and flavors of meat, vegetables and sauce. Mr. Food Test Kitchen features a chop suey recipe that serves up to six, and the recipe blends small pasta with ground beef, cheese and tomato soup. Tex-Mex ziti combines pasta, ground beef and spaghetti sauce with salsa and Mexican cheese, which produces six servings.

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