What Is an Easy Gumbo Recipe?


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For easy gumbo, gather 4 cups chicken, 1/2 pound sausage, 1 cup onion, 1 cup celery and 3 teaspoons vegetable oil. Also organize 2 garlic cloves, 1 medium bell pepper, 2 cups chicken broth, 28 ounces tomato and 2 teaspoons Creole seasoning. Simmer approximately 25 minutes in a Dutch oven.

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First cook the chicken or buy it precooked. The sausage should be a lightly smoked variety. Cut the sausage into thin slices and set aside. Next chop the onions, bell pepper and celery, then press the garlic and set them aside. Cook the sausage by itself in the Dutch oven for several minutes until it begins rendering out fat, then remove it with a slotted spoon and drain excess fat over a paper towel.

Add the oil to the pan and whisk in 5 tablespoons of common all-purpose flour, making sure to keep whisking everything together for about five minutes. Introduce the vegetables and garlic, allowing them to sweat for five minutes before adding the broth, tomatoes and Creole seasoning. Once these contents reach a boil, lower the heat to a simmer and cook for an additional five minutes. Add the chopped, cooked chicken and reintroduce the sausage, cooking everything for a further five minutes. If a still thicker gumbo is desired, add a few more tablespoons of flour, making sure to stir the contents briskly and constantly, so that it doesn't clump. Serve over freshly prepared white rice.

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