What Is an Easy Cold Coffee Recipe?

What Is an Easy Cold Coffee Recipe?

To make cold coffee, place ground coffee in a large jar or pitcher following a ratio of 1 part coffee to 8 parts water. Fill the jar with room temperature water, stir thoroughly, and seal the lid. Allow it to steep for 18 to 24 hours. Strain the mixture until it is free of residue. Serve over ice, or with milk and sugar.

For best results when straining, use a fine mesh sieve with a paper coffee filter over a bowl, and repeat the process several times. Do not force the coffee through the filter; allow it to drip slowly.

Making cold brewed coffee has the advantage of not diluting hot coffee with melted ice. Cold brew coffee also results in a beverage with a much lower acidity than a hot brewed drink. Due to its low acidity, cold brewed coffee remains good for up to a month if refrigerated and sealed properly.

For best results use fresh, coarsely ground coffee. A medium roast of coffee with moderate acidity results in an ideal flavor for this drink. A darker roast with a higher acidity produces a sharper, more bitter flavor.

You can also make this recipe using a French press. Use 4 ounces of ground coffee for an 8-cup or 32-ounce French press.