What Are Some Easy Cinnamon Candy Recipes?


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There are a number of easy cinnamon candy recipes available, such as Taste of Home's Cinnamon Hard Candy, New York Times' Cinnamon Fireball Candies and Saveur's Cinnamon Hard Candies. Cinnamon candy is popular during the holidays, but can also be enjoyed year round.

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What Are Some Easy Cinnamon Candy Recipes?

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Taste of Home's recipe for cinnamon hard candy is simple and only has few ingredients. It is recommended to have a candy thermometer or know what a hard crack stage is so that the candy does not overcook. The recipe calls for sugar, water and corn syrup to be combined and brought to a boil over medium heat; cook for 3 minutes, then increase the heat and cook until the candy reaches 310 F. Remove from heat and stir in cinnamon oil and red food coloring; pour in a greased baking sheet and immediately cut into squares.

Saveur's recipe leaves out the water that the Taste of Home recipe uses and cooks the candy to a lower temperature, which makes for a softer candy. This version allows for cinnamon extract to be substituted for the oil. The recipe states to cut the candy before it fully sets or it will be too hard to cut through.

The New York Times recipe is very similar to the other two recipes; the main difference is breaking the candy rather than cutting it into regular pieces. This gives the candy an irregular broken glass look that is great for presentations or gifts.

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