What Is an Easy Chocolate Lava Cake Recipe?


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An easy but highly rated recipe for chocolate lava cake involves the cook creating a batter by adding flour, sugar, eggs and flavorings to melted chocolate and butter, then pouring the batter into custard cups and baking them in the oven. The recipe is available on the Food Network website.

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The molten lava cake recipe by Paula Deen on the Food Network website utilizes a combination of bittersweet chocolate and semisweet chocolate. It also adds vanilla extract and orange liqueur for extra flavor. The recipe requires 30 minutes of preparation time and 14 minutes of baking time. It results in individual servings of chocolate lava cakes with firm edges and runny centers.

A similar recipe for molten chocolate cake is available on the Betty Crocker website. The main ingredients of this recipe consist of chocolate, butter, eggs, sugar and flour. The recipe suggests decorating the chocolate lava cakes with powdered sugar and kumquats.

Another simple molten chocolate cake recipe is available on the Food & Wine website. This recipe is quite similar to the other two, but a distinct difference is the use of significantly less sugar and flour, even when one takes into account that this recipe yields fewer servings. This may be a suitable recipe for those who prefer their chocolate lava cakes to taste rich in chocolate but light in sweetness.

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