What Are Some Easy Candy Recipes for Kids?

Candy recipes for kids include fudge, chocolate-covered marshmallows, candy pizza, and peppermint bark. Any candy recipe that doesn't require cooking at high temperatures can be modified to be kid-friendly.

An adult must do the cooking required to make fudge, but kids can decorate and slice the finished mixture. Fudge can be made in chocolate, peanut butter, vanilla, or toffee flavors. Candy bark recipes call for adding crushed peppermint candy, pretzel bits, raisins, nuts, or decorative sprinkles to a base of melted chocolate and are also easy for kids.

Candy pizza is a simple recipe for kids. The base is made of melted chocolate and crisp rice cereal molded into the shape of a thick pizza crust, with red and green candied cherries added for toppings and a drizzle of white chocolate to represent cheese. Kids can add more toppings to candy pizza as well, such as peanut butter candies, chopped nuts and miniature marshmallows.

Kids can make a crisp 4-ingredient toffee candy from saltines, butter, brown sugar and chocolate chips. The website KidActivities.net has detailed instructions for this and many other kids' candy recipes.

Kids can also make custom candy mixes by mixing various combinations of raisins, nuts, candy-coated chocolate pieces and coconut.