What Are Some Easy Cake Decorating Instructions?

What Are Some Easy Cake Decorating Instructions?

There are many different ways to decorate cakes, but some easy decoration techniques include patting nuts or coconut onto the frosting, using utensils to make designs in the frosting or using a piping bag to add extra frosting details onto the cake. Make the designs as simple or complicated as desired.

Before starting to decorate any cake, it is easiest to decorate on a cake with a flat surface. Use a knife to cut excess cake off the top and bottom until it sits evenly, and use a knife to smooth the surface after frosting it.

To decorate with nuts or coconut flakes, take a handful, and pat it onto the sides of the cake. Use wax paper to press the nuts or coconut flakes into the frosting to ensure they stick.

Make elegant decorations in the frosting of a cake by using a spoon, fork or knife. Make peaks in the frosting by pressing the bottom of a spoon into the frosting and pulling it up until it forms the desired shape. Make waves in the frosting by using a similar technique, pushing the spoon into the frosting, twisting in one direction and repeating further down in the opposite direction to make a wavy pattern. Use the tines of a fork to make stripes or zigzag patterns.

Using a piping bag is the easiest way to make elegant cake decorations. Buy or make a piping bag, fill it with extra frosting, squeeze the frosting onto the cake and twist up to make simple peaks. Squeeze the bag gently to make sure the frosting is at the tip of the piping bag.