How Do You Easily Peel Boiled Eggs?


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The key to easily peeling a boiled egg is cooling the eggs before attempting to peel them. This contracts the egg inside the shell, allowing a larger air bubble to form and resulting in an egg that is much easier to peel.

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How Do You Easily Peel Boiled Eggs?
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After boiling the eggs, drain your saucepan of its hot water and refill it with cold water. Allow your eggs to soak in the cold water for a few minutes. After this, take your eggs out of the saucepan and lightly tap the wide end of an egg against a hard surface, cracking it. Using your thumb, peel away the shell and the white, film-like membrane to reveal the smooth, shiny egg. If this doesn't work, try using a spoon to scoop out the egg after the initial shell-cracking.

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