What Are the Easiest Cold Appetizers to Serve for a Crowd?

What Are the Easiest Cold Appetizers to Serve for a Crowd?

Some of the easiest cold appetizers to serve for a crowd include ricotta cheese balls, artichokes with caviar and salmon mousse. Ricotta cheese balls are easy to make and involve rolling the cheese into balls and rolling them in chopped herbs or vegetables.

Artichokes with caviar uses artichoke bottoms or hearts topped with a mixture of mayonnaise and sour cream and the caviar of the cook's choice. Some cooks also add dill or parsley sprigs as a garnish.

The salmon mousse recipe calls for both smoked and canned salmon, unflavored gelatin, lemon juice, sour cream and Tabasco sauce. Salmon roe, finely chopped green onions and heavy cream are also ingredients in this dish, which serves about 12 to 14 people.

Oysters can also be shucked and served on the half-shell with cucumber mignonette sauce. This sauce is made of rice wine vinegar, minced shallots, ginger, cucumber, black pepper and sugar. It should be chilled at least an hour before serving.

Another easy, cold, crowd-pleasing appetizer is the cream cheese and olive pinwheel sandwich. This recipe requires nothing but two loaves of white bread with the crusts cut off, 12 ounces of softened cream cheese, and a large jar of stuffed olives. The ingredients are assembled, rolled up in foil, placed in the refrigerator overnight then sliced when ready to serve.