What Are Some of the Easiest Chicken Sausage Recipes?

Some easy chicken sausage recipes include braised sausage, chicken sausage patties, chicken sausage gumbo and chicken sausage subs. These recipes tend to be lighter and lower calorie than pork or beef sausage dishes.

When looking for a healthier alternative to traditional sausage dishes, consider making easy meals with chicken sausage.

  • Braised chicken sausage - Cook chicken sausages in a saute pan with additional chicken stock, vinegar and olive oil for increased flavor and moisture.
  • Chicken sausage patties - Grind up chicken sausage and serve it in patty form with apple, onion and seasonings. These sausages can be eaten as is or served as a chicken sandwich.
  • Chicken sausage gumbo - Make a hearty stew of chicken sausage, ham, chicken breast and serve on a bed of white rice for dinner.
  • Skewered chicken sausage - Grilled chicken sausage skewers loaded with chunks of zucchini, lemon, fennel and bell peppers cook up fast at a barbecue.
  • Chicken sausage subs - Fry up some chicken sausages and serve them onto a sub with some peppers and onions for a satisfying lunch option.
  • Pesto pasta with chicken sausage - Cook up a favorite type of pasta and fry some chicken sausage. Mix everything together with a pesto made of spinach, olive oil, nuts, lemon juice and zest and some salt and red pepper flakes.