How Do You Dye Popcorn?


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Colored popcorn is made by pouring a hot gelatin solution over fully-popped popcorn and baking it in an oven. The gelatin mixture consists of butter, corn syrup, brown sugar and any color of gelatin powder. The solution is mixed over low heat before it is stirred over the popcorn to coat the snack fully, then baked on an aluminum-foil-lined cookie sheet for a few minutes to set.

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An alternative ingredient list for making colored popcorn includes sugar, lemon extract, water, corn syrup and food coloring. The sugar should be dissolved when it is heated in order for the mixture to work best. Creating one color of popcorn at a time helps ensure a speedy process and fully-coated popcorn.

To shape the popcorn into balls or other shapes, the cook can wait until the coated popcorn is slightly cool before molding it by hand or with cookie cutters or molds as desired. To prevent accidental burns, popcorn should not be molded immediately after the coating process. Spraying the aluminum foil with a nonstick cooking spray prior to cooking the popcorn can prevent it from sticking during the removal process. Hands should also be sprayed prior to shaping the popcorn as desired.

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