What Does Dunham's Sports Sell?


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Dunham's Sports sells various sporting, hunting and camping goods, including sport-specific apparel and gear, footwear, exercise equipment, sleeping bags and some sports bars and drinks. The company generally advertises to athletes as well as fitness and outdoors enthusiasts.

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Dunham's Sports is a popular sporting goods store throughout the southeastern and Midwestern United States that started in 1937 as a bait shop. It is owned by a larger company named Dunham's At leisure Corporation, and it has more than 200 stores throughout 19 different states. The company sells both sports and outdoors-related gear for children and adults, including major name-brand equipment from companies such as Nike and Reebok.

All of the items that are sold by Dunham's Sports can be viewed on the company's website. By clicking on the Products tab on the top menu, users can search through all of the apparel, shoes and footwear, games and other sporting products available at the store. Depending on the state, some stores also sell firearms and more hunting-related equipment. There is a Find Nearest Store application on the company's website that allows users to locate a nearby Dunham's Sports store. If an item is not in stock at a specific store, it is possible to have that item shipped between stores to make it available to the customer.

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