How Do You Dry Sage?

How Do You Dry Sage?

Dry sage by bundling the stems together and hanging the bundle in a dry location for approximately two weeks. Do not hang sage in a kitchen as cooking odors have an adverse effect on the herb. An attic or porch is an ideal location for hanging the sage to dry.

  1. Harvest the sage

    Wait for a cool day, and cut the stems with garden or kitchen shears. Gather during early morning hours.

  2. Wash the stems

    Remove any wilted leaves, and rinse the stems in cold water. Dry the sage with a paper towel, and run it through a salad spinner to get rid of any excess water.

  3. Bundle the stems

    Tie the stems at the ends with rubber bands. Avoid bundling too many branches together.

  4. Bag the bundled sage

    Surround each individual bundle with a brown paper bag to prevent dust from collecting on the sage. Cut holes into the paper to allow for ventilation.

  5. Hang to dry

    Hang the bagged sage upside down in a dry space free of dust. Check periodically during a two-week period or until the sage turns brittle.

  6. Prepare for storage

    Take down the hanging sage, and lay it out on wax paper. Prior to storing, discard any rough stems. Put the dried sage in an airtight container, and store it in a pantry or freezer.