How Do You Dry Potpourri?

How Do You Dry Potpourri?

How Do You Dry Potpourri?

You can make your own potpourri using flowers and other natural ingredients. It is easy to create the unique mixture and scents you desire.

  1. Dry flowers

    To dry fresh flowers, arrange them on a tray in a single layer and cover with paper towels. Keep the tray in a warm place with adequate air circulation, and turn the flowers once a day. Continue this until they feel slightly brittle. If the flowers are over-dried, they might become less fragrant. An alternative method is to hang the flowers to dry. Gather the flowers in small bunches and tie them with ribbon or string. Hang each bunch upside down in a warm, airy location.

  2. Dry fruits

    To put fruits in the potpourri, you must dry them differently. Cover a wire rack with cheesecloth, and arrange fruit slices on the rack in a single layer. Turn the oven to the lowest temperature, and place the rack in the oven until the slices are dry.

  3. Assemble the potpourri

    Once the potpourri ingredients are dry, put the flowers and fruits in a bowl. To add additional scents, place a few drops of scented essential oil in the mixture. Keep the potpourri covered until use, and refresh the scent every so often by adding more of the essential oil. Try different oils and amounts to create unique scents.