How Do You Dry Herbs?

How Do You Dry Herbs?

To dry herbs, harvest plants before the hottest part of the day and place the herbs in a warm, shaded location. Bundling the herbs is recommended before hanging them to dry indoors. Drying herbs requires several days.

  1. Harvest the herbs

    Cut the herbs from the plant during mid-morning, and remove any damaged leaves or stems. Wash the plant in cool water if dirt is present on the leaves or stems. Allow the excess surface water to dry by placing the herbs on a clean, dry towel for several hours.

  2. Tie the herbs into bundles

    Bundle each type of herb, and secure the cut end of each bundle with twine or a rubber band. Each bundle should contain 10 or fewer stems to ensure proper air circulation during the drying process.

  3. Hang the herbs to dry

    Hang the herbs from the cut end of the bundles in a warm, dry place that offers adequate air circulation. If possible, keep the herbs away from direct sunlight to preserve the color and flavor of the plant. To dry herbs outdoors, place the bundles on screens in a shaded location. Some herbs, such as mint and basil, should be placed in the hottest location possible to speed drying and prevent mold from developing.