How Do You Dry Habanero Peppers?

dry-habanero-peppers Credit: Alastair Pollock Photography/Moment Open/Getty Images

Habanero peppers can be dried on a plate that is placed in a dry, sunny location. The peppers take five minutes to prepare and about two weeks to dry. You need a selection of peppers and a large, flat platter or plate.

  1. Prepare the peppers

    Cut or purchase mature peppers that are firm, with no soft spots. Wash the peppers, and dry them on a towel. Leave on the stems, and do not cut the peppers. Place the whole peppers in a single layer on a plate or platter.

  2. Choose a sunny location

    If possible, place the plate of peppers in a sunny, dry spot outside. If it is necessary to dry the peppers inside, place the plate in a window that receives significant sunlight. Move the plate outside for a few hours whenever possible.

  3. Turn the peppers

    Every few days, flip the peppers over to the other side so that both sides receive equal sun exposure. Throw away any peppers that develop soft spots. The peppers finish drying in about two weeks, and they are fully dry when they can be snapped apart. Dried peppers can be stored whole in airtight containers, chopped into flakes or pulverized into powder with a pepper grinder.