How Do You Drop an Egg Without Breaking It?

Dropping an egg without breaking it is a classic science experiment that teaches some basic rules of physics. To begin, determine how far your egg will fall. Keep in mind the force, acceleration and impact of the egg. The longer the egg falls, the more cushion it will need.

  1. Identify the spot to drop the egg from

    Determine where to drop the egg from, and measure how far the drop is. This helps you determine the supplies that you need. The higher you drop the egg, the faster it travels and harder it hits the ground.

  2. Sketch your design

    Start sketching the design of the egg's container. Determine how to slow the acceleration. You can use a parachute or balloons.

  3. Build your contraption

    Use any materials that will help support the egg and soften the force of impact with the gorund. Some contraption ideas are a cylinder made of foam that supports the egg, a box filled with tissues, Styrofoam, marshmallows or other soft, impact reducing items.

  4. Drop your egg

    Once your contraption is complete, drop the egg. If you haven't tested your components, you might want to do so before the big launch. Drop your egg inside the contraption and record the results.