What Are Some Drinks That Have No Sugar?

Water, unsweetened tea, coffee and diet soda are some drinks that have no sugar. Unsweetened milk and milk alternatives are very low in sugar. Some recipes for sugar-free and low-sugar flavored drinks are available on Wholesome-Cook.com.

For a sugar-free drink with more flavor than plain water, make infused water. Place water in a refrigerated pitcher with clean strawberries, cucumber, mint or lemon. The fruit imparts extra flavor without adding sugar.

Tea soda is a naturally sugar-free alternative to soda. To make this drink, brew 2 bags of any flavor herbal tea in 3 cups boiling water. Chill the tea, then add 1 cup of sparkling water or club soda.

People who are used to drinking sweetened juice and sodas may wish to gradually cut the sugar from beverages. Adding seltzer water to fruit juice or sodas reduces the amount of sugar in a full glass, while keeping the flavor of the original drink. Gradually increase the proportion of seltzer to get accustomed to a drink that is less sweet.

Milk and milk alternatives such as soy and almond milk have some naturally occurring sugar, however these drinks are still low in sugar compared to soda or juice. Drink skim milk sparingly. For chocolate milk, add a teaspoon of cocoa to warm milk and blend.