What Are Some Drinks on the Jamba Juice Secret Menu?


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Secret menu items that can be ordered at Jamba Juice include the Pink Starburst smoothie, the Red Gummy Bear and White Gummy Bear smoothies, the Fruity Pebbles smoothie, the Skittles smoothie, the Tropical Awakening smoothie, the Peaches and Cream smoothie, and the Sour Patch Kid smoothie. These items are all fruit flavored. Non-fruit flavored secret menu items include the Butterfinger smoothie and the Peanut Butter and Jelly smoothie.

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Some secret menu items are healthier than others. The Red Gummy Bear and White Gummy Bear smoothies are both fairly sweet and contain little fresh fruit but lots of sherbet. Similarly, the Fruity Pebbles smoothie combines four different sherbet flavors and contains no fresh fruit at all.

The Peaches and Cream smoothie is a healthier secret menu option, with nothing but peaches and frozen yogurt. The Tropical Awakening smoothie is also relatively healthy, containing a dairy base plus mango juice, mangoes and bananas.

In addition to the secret menu items, customers can also order the Mega Mango smoothie at Jamba Juice, which as of 2015 is still on the menu at some locations but has been removed at others. It consists of nothing but fruit and juice, featuring pineapple juice, orange juice, mangoes and strawberries.

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