What Is the Drink Recipe for Mamajuanas?


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A general guideline for a mamajuana recipe is mixing five parts dark rum to four parts red wine and one part honey combined in a bottle with aromatic twigs and herbs; it is then distilled over a series of days. Mamajuana does not have any specific recipe, as the amount of rum, wine and honey is altered by the creator according to his personal taste and to determine the alcohol content.

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Mamajuana starts with an aromatic mix of herbs and twigs in a bottle. Pre-made bottles are widely available for sale in tourist areas of the Dominican Republic, where the drink is traditional, but can also be purchased in the United States. To make your own mix, drop cinnamon sticks, cloves, star anise and any other aromatics that suits your tastes in a bottle. Cover it in red wine, and allow the mixture to sit for five days to two weeks before pouring out the red wine.

The next step is to fill the bottle with honey, red wine and rum. The amount of these liquids depends on the preference of the drinker; more rum raises the alcohol content, and more honey makes the mixture sweeter. Seal the bottle, give it a shake, and allow it to sit for at least five more days before enjoying.

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