What Makes Dom Perignon 2003 Unique?

dom-perignon-2003-unique Credit: Megan Cole/CC-BY 2.0

Dom Perignon 2003 is unique because it contains more robust and rich flavors than other vintage bottles of Dom Perignon. While Dom Perignon 2002 and 2004 were noted for their subtleties and delicacy, the 2003 vintage is far more complex.

The growing season for the 2003 Vintage Dom Perignon also makes this champagne unique. Harsh frosts covered the vineyard throughout the spring. This was followed by extreme heat, causing an early and small harvest. The grapes that survived the extreme weather were treasured and used to create a unique vintage of champagne. It is unusual for this type of harvest to be used in the creation of champagne.

Dom Perignon 2003 contains a larger volume of Pinot Noir than what is considered typical when making champagne. This gives the champagne more body than in other years. This vintage takes more time to mature and is expected to be highly acclaimed upon its release.

The powerful fruit flavors of this vintage are of special note. It contains notes of strawberry, fig and guava. It also contains scents of vanilla, violet and honey. The powerful spice of this champagne finishes with a hint of saltiness. The complexity is structured and the rare combination of flavors make Dom Perignon 2003 unique.