Does Dole Coleslaw Have a Recipe on the Bag?

dole-coleslaw-recipe-bag Credit: Ruth Hartnup/CC-BY 2.0

A coleslaw or dressing recipe is typically printed on the back of the Dole coleslaw mix bag. These recipes and others are found on Dole also offers a coleslaw kit that includes the company's own creamy coleslaw dressing.

The recipe for the creamy dressing in the Dole coleslaw kit is not available on, but several other dressing recipes are available, including apple butter, almond honey and citrus dressings. Visitors can also browse a variety of entree and side-dish recipes that use Dole coleslaw mix, such as zesty adobe potato slaw, hearty white bean soup with chicken, and creamy coleslaw with chicken and grapes salad.