What Are Some Dishes on the Peter Luger Steakhouse Menu?

What Are Some Dishes on the Peter Luger Steakhouse Menu?

As of 2015, some dishes on the Peter Luger Steakhouse menu are pot roast and roast prime ribs of beef. The New York restaurant is best known for its steaks.

Peter Luger Steakhouse prepares a dish consisting of two double-thick lamb chops. These are an extra-heavy cut that comes from the loin. A split version of the lamb chop is also available as an appetizer.

The restaurant serves two seafood dishes as an entrée. They are grilled Atlantic salmon and filet of sole. Peter Luger Steakhouse also has jumbo shrimp on the menu for an appetizer.

Other appetizers include slices of Luger's sizzling bacon, Caesar salad and sliced tomato with Luger's Old Fashioned Steak Sauce. The restaurant describes the sauce as a cross between cocktail and steak sauces. Peter Luger's also offers an iceberg wedge salad with chopped tomato, crumbled blue cheese and bacon.

Vegetables include French fries, creamed spinach, onion rings, baked potatoes and fresh broccoli. Dessert options include apple strudel, chocolate mousse, key lime pie, pecan pie and cheese cake.

The butchers at Peter Luger only select cuts of beef from meat that has been rated USDA Prime. They further scrutinize the meat for marbling, texture, color and conformation. They then dry age the steaks to produce their steak dish and rib steak specialties. The steak is also available chopped.