What Are Some Dishes That Are Low in Fat and High in Fiber?

Some dishes that are high in fiber but low in fat include fettuccine with scallops and peas, blackened tofu with succotash, macaroni and cheese with kale, and salmon with roasted vegetables and quinoa. These dishes are either naturally low in fat or acquire that label through substitutions, such as swapping heavy cream for lighter options like fat-free milk. In these dishes, foods such as beans, vegetables and fruits add fiber, along with many other nutrients.

For vegetarians, dishes such as blackened tofu with succotash, pear and blue cheese flatbread, macaroni and cheese with collards and tomato and artichoke gnocchi make nice choices for filling, flavorful and healthy meals. Pears and collard greens have approximately 50 calories per serving, which is one medium pear and 1 cup of boiled greens, and about 50 grams of fiber. One cup of whole wheat pasta has about 6 grams of fiber.

Meat and seafood connoisseurs also have many choices for high fiber and low fat dishes. Scallop and pea fettuccine is a hearty, healthy dish when people substitute heavy cream with low fat milk and flour. Doing so adds flavor and a rich texture but eliminates fat, while 1 cup of peas brings about 9 grams of fiber to the meal. Middle Eastern lamb stew is another appetizing, healthy choice, as are turkey taco lettuce wraps and Tuscan-style tuna salad. Turkey and tuna are low in fat but high in protein, while the greens in both dishes provide fiber and have few calories.