In What Dishes Are Avocados Served?


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The type of dish that is used to mash avocados for guacamole is the molcajete. The molcajete closely resembles the mortar and pestle which are commonly used to grind spices.

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In What Dishes Are Avocados Served?
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The molcajete bowl has been used for thousands of years and dates back to the times of the Aztecs and Maya. The bowl is often used to mash avocados and spices to create guacamole and in the making of homemade salsa.

The molcajete has the ability to hold heat and is sometimes used to serve small portions of meat stews and hot foods. The molcajete is used to serve a variety of Mexican dishes.

The bowl retains the oils and flavors of all foods that are created in it, which provides a unique taste to all dishes that are prepared in it. The molcajete is made from volcanic rock, which is porous and easily absorbs flavor.

The tejolote is the tool used to grind foods and spices in the molcajete. The tool is also made from volcanic rock. The traditionally styled bowls are round with three legs, but the molcajete is offered in a variety of colors and designs.

The molcajete and tejolote can be washed by hand for easy care and maintenance. The bowl can be heated on hot coals or a fire to warm it when serving hot foods.

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