Where Do You Find Discontinued Eclipse Mints?

Wrigley's Eclipse mints are available on Amazon.com and eBay.com. As of April 2015, the cost per tin is approximately $4. The mints have been discontinued in the United States, but are still available in Australia and New Zealand, according to the Wrigley's Australian website.

Wrigley's Eclipse mints are available at Amazon.com in Peppermint, Winterfrost, Lemon and Intense flavors. Black Current, Berry and Orange are available on eBay.com as of April 2015. Variety packs of all flavors are available at eBay.com.

Wrigley launched Eclipse mints in 2003. The mints were the company's first non-chewing gum product launched in its 111-year history, and the first mint product introduced under the Wrigley name. The mints are sugar-free and artificially sweetened. The package claims the mints have one-third fewer calories than sugared mints and do not cause tooth decay.

Outside the United States, Wrigley's sells Eclipse mints under the name Excel or Airwaves. Excel mints are available in Canada, and Airwaves are available in Europe and Australia.