What Are the Different Ways to Make French Au Jus Dip?

What Are the Different Ways to Make French Au Jus Dip?

There are two different ways to make a French au jus dipping sauce, one with wine and the other with flour. The additional ingredients are similar, but the main difference between the two recipe types has to do with the type of thickener used.

To make au jus with wine, add Worcestershire sauce and wine to pan drippings, and whisk the mixture over heat. Then, add beef broth to the wine mixture, and simmer until ready.

To make Au Jus with flour, whisk the flour into pan drippings, and place over heat to make a roux. Ad beef broth to the roux, and heat the mixture a little longer to caramelize the beef drippings into the sauce.

Whether you use wine or flour, an au jus should have the consistency of a dipping sauce, not a thick gravy, and it should remain this texture no matter what additional ingredients you add. Additional recipes can be found that do not require pan drippings to make this sauce, but adding onion and garlic gives the sauce the familiar flavor.

Au jus dipping sauces are used to compliment a French Dip sandwich, and they are also commonly used to dress up a prime rib roast.