What Are Some Different Ways to Cook a Turkey?

What Are Some Different Ways to Cook a Turkey?

Although oven roasting is the classic method of cooking a turkey, popular alternative methods include grilling, deep frying and smoking, according to Rachelraymag.com. Brining the turkey in salt water before roasting or smoking helps to seal in moisture and enhance flavor.

Oven roasting is the most traditional method for cooking a turkey. Basting the turkey in butter, stock or wine will keep the meat from drying out as it cooks. Cooking times vary according to the size of the bird, so check label instructions for appropriate roasting time.

Grilling is a popular method for preparing turkey because it produces a crisp outer skin. This method is a good choice for informal gatherings. Prior to grilling, break the bird down into breast halves, leg quarters and wings. Rub pieces with olive oil and season as desired.

Unlike fried chicken, deep fried turkey is not battered. However, flavorings may be injected into the bird or rubbed onto the skin prior to frying. Deep frying is the fastest method for preparing a turkey, requiring only 45 minutes of cooking time.

Smoking over wood chips lends a distinctive flavor to the bird. Simply place the turkey on the grill and close the lid. Rotate the bird every hour to ensure even cooking.