What Are Some Different Water Bath Canning Times?


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Water bath canning times vary based on the method employed and jar size; for example, with the hot-pack canning method, a pint of apples processes in 15 minutes, while a quart of apples requires 20 minutes. Cold-pack apricots require 25 minutes in pint jars or 30 minutes in quart jars.

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Berries and grapes require 15 minutes of time using the cold-pack method and pint-sized jars or 20 minutes with quart-sized jars. Whole or half tomatoes require 40 minutes for pint jars and 45 minutes for quart jars with both cold- and hot-pack methods.

Processing foods using water bath canning methods at higher elevations requires five to 20 minutes of extra processing time, depending on the altitude.

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