What Are Some Different Varieties of Peaches?

What Are Some Different Varieties of Peaches?

Different varieties of peaches include clingstone, freestone, semi-freestone and clingstone varietals. Clingstone are peaches in which the fruit clings securely to the pit. Their yellow flesh turns to a milder red closer to the pit.

Clingstones are juicy with a high sugar content and soft flesh. They are sweeter than freestone and are most commonly found in supermarkets.

Freestone peaches have flesh that is easily removed from the pit. They are larger and less juicy than clingstones. Their mild sugar content and firm texture make them the perfect peach for baking. Their firmness withstands heat well. Freestones are most commonly grown in home gardens.

Semi-freestone are a hybrid of freestone and clingstone. They have a relatively high sugar content and juiciness, with flesh that doesn't adhere to the pit.

Clingstone varietals are primarily used for canning and preserves. They are firm, with a crisp bite and are in season from May to August.