What Are the Different Utensils Found in the Kitchen?

different-utensils-found-kitchen Credit: Gary Conner/Photodisc/Getty Images

Common utensils in an American kitchen include pots and pans, sharp knives, chopping boards, wooden spoons, serving spoons, graters, measuring spoons and cups, and peelers. A kitchen is not complete without some basic utensils, but the minimum requirements vary between cultures.

When it comes to choosing utensils, it's important to consider exactly what will be prepared in the kitchen. Every kitchen needs some basic utensils such as pots, pans, knives and cutlery, but the exact kind of utensils will depend on what will be cooked and how often people will be doing the cooking there. For example, if anyone in a household plans to bake a lot, the chosen kitchen utensils should include things like measuring spoons and cups, baking dishes and trays, piping bags and cooling racks.

The kind of utensils bought for a kitchen will also depend on the household budget. Most utensils are available at different price ranges, from luxury to budget, but it's important to purchase good quality utensils whenever possible. High quality utensils generally last longer and perform better. A frying pan worth $200 may well last for over a decade, for example, whereas you might need to buy a new $20 frying pan every few months.

There is a wide variety of kitchen utensils on the market, so it's sensible to only buy the ones you know you need. Consider what you will be cooking and how often to choose the right utensils. It's also important not to buy more utensils than you can store safely and hygienically.