What Are Some Different Uses for Household Cooking Oil?


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Some uses for household cooking oil include using it to loosen a jammed or sticky keyhole, removing adhesive left behind by a sticker, using it as fuel for an emergency lamp and repelling mosquitoes. Household cooking oil is also used as an ingredient in recipes for outdoor wood finishing solution, ant bait and poison, and biodiesel fuel.

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Use vegetable oil to help loosen a lock that has become sticky or hard to open by rubbing the surface of the key with a light coating of oil and proceeding to open the lock. The oil lubricates the lock tumblers, allowing them to once again easily slide up and down. When removing a sticker from a jar or other hard non-porous surface, apply canola or vegetable oil to prevent adhesive residue from being left behind. Applying a small amount of cooking oil to a rag and wiping a surface removes any adhesive left behind by previously peeled-off stickers.

Vegetable and canola oil both work nicely as oil lamp fuel. Add a small amount of oil to the lamp's fuel chamber, and light the lamp as usual for hours of light. Cooking oil is used as a mosquito repellent by rubbing a thin coat on any birdbaths, feeders or outdoor objects that tend to attract the insects.

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