What Are Some Different Types of Polish Drinks?


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Mead, fruit wine, vodka, beer and liquor are five different types of Polish drinks. Compote and orangeade are two more popular Polish drinks, both of which are non-alcoholic.

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What Are Some Different Types of Polish Drinks?
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Mead is a traditional Polish alcoholic beverage prepared by fermenting honey. The different types of mead sold have various concentrations of alcohol and honey. Polish fruit wine, often made from apples, also comes in other flavors such as chocolate and mint. Vodka has origins in Poland and its neighboring countries and typically contains 40 percent alcohol. Popular brands of Polish vodka include Balsam Pmorski, Belvedere and Chopin, as of 2015.

Polish beer has origins dating from 992 to 1025 AD and is still a popular drink in Poland. Popular brands of Polish beer include Zywiec, Tyskie and Zubr. Polish bartenders commonly serve beer with raspberry or blackcurrant juice. Polish liqueurs are alcohol extracts made from spices, fruits, herbs and flowers. The drinks are typically 40 to 45 percent alcohol and are often preferred over vodka.

Compote is prepared using various fresh and dried fruits, including apples, cherries, currants, pears and strawberries. The Polish serve compote cold without straining the fruits out of the drink. A special kind of Polish compote, susz, is prepared with special fruits that give the drink a brown color. Orangeade is a carbonated, orange-tasting drink made with sugar and orange juice.

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